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The costing and pricing online assessment can assess how well your staff are able to understand basic unit costing. Organisations should be able to calculate the cost of their services and ensure value for money. For example, a public sector service such as adult social care should know the cost per client visit. Costing can often be complex but all staff should have some underpinning knowledge of this topic. Pricing is also relevant as charges are often being introduced for public and voluntary services. Our costing and pricing online assessment is an excellent tool for organisations to identify and improve their staff skills in this area. Individuals may also wish to undertake the assessment to identify their skill levels and enhance their CVs. This is one of the assessments that can be linked with one of our books to provide CPD accredited training.

This is one of a range of online competency assessments available, and bespoke assessments can also be developed to target specific areas of staff knowledge required by organisations.

This online assessment provides access to our assessment tool; three attempts at our online questionnaire; and a feedback report showing the level of competency achieved in two areas – underpinning knowledge and practical application. A free trial of the online competency assessment tool is available.

The content of the assessment include:


• Types of Cost
• Fixed and Variable Costs
• Marginal Costs
• Direct and Indirect Costs
• Controllable and Uncontrollable Costs
• Sunk Costs
• Allocating or Apportioning Costs
• Calculating Unit Costs
• Pricing Techniques
• Break Even
• Controlling Costs v Controlling Budgets

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