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The procurement online assessment can assess how well your staff understand basic procurement principles. Procurement is a major activity within the public and non profit sectors. Effective value for money procurement is essential to the long term future of public sector organisations. For example, all staff should know and understand how to raise purchase orders. Procurement is often an essential or desirable skill on management job descriptions. Our procurement online assessment is an excellent tool for organisations to identify and improve their staff skills in this area. Individuals may also wish to undertake the assessment to identify their skill levels and enhance their CVs.

This is one of a range of online competency assessments available, and bespoke assessments can also be developed to target specific areas of staff knowledge required by organisations.

This online assessment provides access to our assessment tool; three attempts at our online questionnaire; and a feedback report showing the level of competency achieved in two areas – underpinning knowledge and practical application. A free trial of the online competency assessment tool is available.

The content of the assessment include:


• What is Procurement?
• Procurement Objectives
• Procurement Cycle
• Purchase orders
• Briefs and Specifications
• Approaches to Specifying
• Sourcing Suppliers
• Financial Appraisals
• Obtaining Quotations
• Evaluation
• Tendering
• Separation of Duties

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