Basic Financial Skills for the Public Sector 2nd Edition


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Understanding and presenting financial information
This book presents a variety of basic financial calculations ranging from fractions and percentages, using statistics and spreadsheets, to project appraisal techniques. It is ideal for those working in the public sector that need to be able to present information in a way that demonstrates value for money in the provision of public services. The contents include:

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81 Pages
ISBN : 9781899448 524
The book covers the following areas:
Using Your Calculator
Fractions and Percentages
Calculating Budget Profiles
Calculating Projected OutturnsUSING STATISTICS 
Importance of Statistical Information
Calculating Averages – mean, median, mode
Interpreting Statistical Data
Basic Spreadsheet Functions
Why use Spreadsheets
Developing Financial SpreadsheetsPROJECT APPRAISAL 
Project Appraisal Techniques
Payback Period (PB)
Return on Investment (ROI)
Net Present Value (NPV)
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Using Tables
Using Graphs and Charts

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