Books and eBooks

Books and eBooks

Our Finance Books and eBooks are part of the “Essential Skills for the Public Sector” book series. It is excellent for developing financial management skills for managers, staff and students in the public and non-profit sectors. The books provide:

skills and knowledge

confidence and improved ability in job roles

ideal preparation for interviews

increased promotion prospects

cost effective training and development

an easy to read practical management tool

These finance books and eBooks are useful for those studying public administration courses; and have been purchased internationally by organisations and individuals wishing to develop their financial management skills.

The titles are written by authors Jennifer Bean and Lascelles Hussey, who are experts in their field.

Buy the finance books and ebooks from Amazon, Bookstore, and all leading eBook distributors. Order our Paperback copies online or from leading bookstores. Our worldwide distribution is provided by Ingram Sparks.

Some of our titles can be combined with our online assessments to provide a programme of self-development.

Our Finance Ebooks Uk and paperbacks provide excellent reading for those in the public and non-profit sector who wish to develop their finance skills. Many of our books support the training we provide. For example, our Finance for Non-Financial Managers Course, is supported by our book of the same title. Whereas our Budgeting and Financial Management course, is best by our book entitled “Managing the Devolved Budget”.

Our Public Sector Finance Ebooks are Non-Profit Finance Ebooks, because they have been produced from the perspective of service delivery rather than profit maximisation. Organisations that are publicly funded directly or indirectly, do not have profit as the main objective. However, they must be viable and sustainable. Hence, understanding finance is extremely important for the public and non-profit sectors.

The Finance Books and eBooks have been very popular over the years and cover topics such as Marketing and Business Planning, in addition to Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Costing and Pricing, Strategic Financial Planning and Budgeting. All these topics help develop Financial Management Skills.

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