Online Assessments

Online Assessments

Organisations use our online financial competency assessments to:

identify staff training and development need, 

inform training plans and organisational development strategy

develop an efficient and effective workforce

assist in the recruitment process

support performance appraisals

Individuals use our financial competency assessments to:

test their knowledge, skills, and capabilities 

become more effective in the workplace

enhances job and promotion prospects

in preparation for interviews

All our online assessments can be undertaken at anytime to suit users.

On completion of the test, an immediate score and feedback report is produced.

The assessments cover a wide range of subjects including Budget Setting Skills, Procurement, Budget Monitoring and Control, Fraud Awareness, and many more. See below for the full list.

CPD points are available for undertaking some of our assessments along with the purchase of the relevant book.

Bespoke assessments and online training materials can be developed on request. Contact us for details.

Our online assessments have been purchased by organisations and users worldwide including Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

Case studyRecruitment of Senior Operations Manager for a Liverpool Arts Charity. Online assessments were successfully used to create a shortlist for interview, saving time and resources. Recommendations from the assessment results assisted in appointing the best candidate for the position.


Online Financial Competency Assessments assist individuals and organisations identify strengths and weaknesses in important areas such as Finance, Accounting, Financial Management, Budgeting, and so on. The online assessments comprise of several questions which are then scored to provide a brief report. The result identifies areas of training need which can be addressed with some of our Finance Courses and other resources such as Finance Books and eBooks.

We have Accounting Online Assessments covering accounting techniques, and Financial Management Online assessments including Budget Setting and Budget Monitoring.

Our Online Financial Competency Assessments should ideally be undertaken before and after Finance Training, such that the effectiveness of the training can be measured. There are several topics for which we have online assessments. In addition to Finance and Accounting, we also have a Fraud Awareness Online Assessment which is very popular, along with Basic Maths and Statistics.

We have been commissioned by organisations to produce bespoke online assessments. This is easily produced for any area which the organisation wishes to measure the level of skill and knowledge. These assessments are useful in recruitment and can identify the underpinning knowledge of candidates along with their ability to put their skills into practice.

All our online financial competency assessments provide a report, and the bespoke assessments can have a bespoke report generated signposting staff to training etc. They provide a quick, easy, cost-effective way of assessing skills and abilities.

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