Basic Maths and Statistics – online assessment




Basic maths and statistics online competency assessment, is an ideal tool to measure your abilities in this area. Especially if you need some basic maths skills for your current or future job role. The assessment takes account of your knowledge and practical application of that knowledge. It can also be used by organisations to assess the level of their staff’s abilities and inform the training and development plan. Bespoke competency assessments can be developed to target specific areas of staff knowledge the organisation wishes to measure.

Our basic maths and statistics online competency assessment provides access to our assessment tool; three attempts at our online questionnaire; and a feedback report showing the level of competency achieved in two areas – underpinning knowledge and practical application. A free trial of the online competency assessment tool is available.

The topics covered in the assessment include:

• Basic Mathematical Terms
• Using the Calculator
• Calculating Percentages and fractions
• Ratios
• Types of Averages – Mean, Mode, and Median
• Maths in the workplace
• Probabilities
• Statistics
• Collecting and Analysing Data
• Return on Investment
• Cost Benefit Analysis

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