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Financial Management Skills critical to control Public Sector Budgets

Public Sector Budgets are facing the most serious challenges for decades. Now, more than ever, it is critical that organisations and individuals have the financial management critical to control Public Sector budgets and ensure effective budgetary control. Given the economic climate, we can anticipate more austerity, more savings needed, and delivering more for less. We can help with our courses, books, and online resources. Our virtual half day course provides all the basic underpinning knowledge for effective budgeting, monitoring and control. Also, the online courses cover a range of much needed core skills in finance for the public sector, along with online competency assessments. Managing the Devolved Budget is just one of the range of public sector management books. These are well known for being easy to read and full of useful information for day-to-day financial budgetary control and contain self-development activities. HB Publications and Training International continues to develop new, interesting and dynamic ways to enhance financial management skills in the public sector. Many of our courses have CPD