Recruiting Finance Staff for the Public Sector



Recruiting finance staff for the public sector is our area of expertise. This cost effective service is ideal for recruiting finance staff at any level from officers to Director positions. We work with organisations in both the public and non profit sectors, including recruitment agencies. Our services include reviewing potential candidates CVs, designing interview questions, and if required participating in the recruitment panel. The service includes using our own online financial competency assessment system. This system can be tailored to meet the needs of specific job descriptions, for all levels of finance posts. Using our services can save money lost when recruiting the wrong person for the job.

We are now offering a fixed fee cost effective service package which includes:

  • Review of CVs to provide a first shortlist
  • Objective assessment of core skills and knowledge, using our online system
  • Bespoke competency assessment to match job description
  • Shortlisting of candidates for interview after the assessment results
  • Client summary identifying key questions to incorporate during the interview


Using experts when recruiting finance staff adds value to the recruitment process. We have subject matter expertise and experience as the directors are Chartered Accountants with over 25 years experience. Whilst a recruitment agency may find the candidates, we can help with the shortlisting stage which can be very time-consuming and costly. The service offers fairness and transparency which is a key objective for public sector and non profit organisations.

This package is particularly useful for organisations undertaking in-house recruitment, saving the HR department’s time and increasing the efficiency of selecting key finance personnel. This cost effective service is ideal for those wishing to control recruitment budgets. It is also available to recruitment agencies who do not have the in-house subject matter expertise to accurately evaluate CVs,  and objectively assess those applying to senior finance posts.

Please contact us to discuss or to purchase the above package.

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