Financial Strategy for Public and Non-Profit Sectors

This course will benefit all staff in the public and non-profit sector. Ideal for managers and senior officers who are decision makers. Organisations need a financial strategy to deliver their business and service objectives. This is part of the overall strategic planning process. A financial strategy is required to underpin the strategic objectives formulated to achieve a long term goal. These strategies are usually medium to long term. Relating to objectives such as financial independence; organisational change; sustainability; and so on. We also have a book – Strategic Financial Planning for Public Sector Services. This supports the online course.    

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Fraud Awareness and the Bribery Act

Having some fraud awareness and understanding the bribery act is relevant to everyone. It is essential learning for many job roles. It covers aspects such as types of fraud, and money laundering. This is an ideal course to include on job applications. It is great for interview preparation and enhancing CVs. Organisations should ensure all staff have fraud awareness and bribery act training. This online course is accessible from all devices. When enrolled, students can take it whenever they wish. It is a cost effective way to develop skills and knowledge in this area. Discounts available for group purchases.

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Basic Maths and Statistics – an easy introduction

If you need basic maths and statistics for your current or future job role, this is the course for you. The course is ideal for anyone who has to undertake some basic maths and statistics in their job role. For example, working out percentages is a key skill for analysing information. This is often needed when producing management reports. Actions such as comparing budgets year on year, or calculating key performance indicators (KPIs), all need basic maths. It covers areas such as working out a percentage on your calculator; converting a fraction to a percentage; and calculating different averages.  It includes ideas for presenting statistical information in the form of graphs and charts for presentations. In addition to the online course, we have an easy to read book which also covers these areas plus other topics such as project appraisal.

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Budgeting for the Public and Non-Profit Sectors

Budgeting for Public and Non-Profit Sectors is a comprehensive online course delivered by experts, and will provide an excellent opportunity to develop and improve skills and knowledge in this area. On completion of this course, participants can obtain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours/points along with a CPD certificate. We will explain terminology, and set out best practice processes and procedures, and provide ideas to manage more difficult budgets which can be shared with clients. The course will explain the importance of variance analysis in monitoring budgets and how to make the variances meaningful as a management tool. Other basic techniques such as commitment accounting, projecting outturns and budget drivers will also be covered. In order to effectively manage budgets, budget holders will need accurate and complete financial management information, and we give examples of the types of report that are most helpful. Budgeting for Public and Non-Profit Sectors is an essential tool for managers and staff working in these sectors. Everyone responsible for public funds needs to undertake this course.